Do you work out everyday?

It truly is hard to find time to workout in everyday life.  Life gets BUSY and sometimes the last thing on the agenda for the day are the things that you actually want to do.  For me, morning workouts just don’t work in my schedule.  I am a firm believer on getting enough sleep and sleeping in that extra hour changes the way I feel all day.  So instead of getting out of bed at 5AM or 6AM I sleep in till 7AM everyday.  With this being said, it  becomes even more of a challenge to get that workout in at the end of the day.  4:30 rolls around and something ALWAYS seems to come up; staying late at work, last minute errands, relaxing with my husband or friends, making dinner, you name it!

I have a few tricks that keep me motivated—I always make sure that I pack my gym bag with me so I am more committed to getting there.  If I don’t have my gym stuff, I end up going home and that is it for me!  If there is a later class I want to take at the gym, I still change into my gym stuff after work so I really do feel committed even if it is just clothes.   Also, I make sure to plan my week ahead.  I take a look at my schedule and the gym schedule and write down in my calendar which classes I am doing or personal workouts.  Of course, things come up and schedules change so I try not to beat myself about it if I miss a workout and still try to go for a run or something at home if necessary.  On the weekends, it is fun to incorporate physical activity socially in your day like a hike so you can skip the gym, a yoga class together or  a walk around the city.  I am from the northeast though so in the winter that becomes even more challenging.  I am constantly trying to think of active things to do with each other.  I question if walking around the mall counts ; ) just kidding

I think everyone has to do what works for THEM.  I have found what works for me but I am sure one day when my priorities shift what used to work for me won’t any more.  I will have to come with other ways to make it fit in my life.  It is an every day battle to find time to stay active especially when everything else in life gets in the way but it is one of the most important thing you can do for yourself!


Above is a picture from Sedona, Arizona about 2 and a half years ago.  It was the most beautiful place I have ever visited.  We went with my whole family.  We did TONS of hikes out there and I could really get used to that type of lifestyle.  Everything is so beautiful and fresh.  Being in such an gorgeous place with people I love really made me stop, take a little while to take a few deep breaths and appreciate it all.

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