Healthy Alternatives

ImageFor the past year I have been playing around with substituting unhealthy food ingredients with smarter choices.  I wanted to share some of my little helpful alterations with you. 

  • Instead of spaghetti, try out spaghetti squash.  You can still top it with red sauce or a white sauce.  
  • Anytime we eat anything that calls for rice, I opt for quinoa.  I also like to make broccoli rice (comment below if you would like to know more about broccoli rice)
  • If something calls for regular sugar, I use coconut nectar.  
  • I have also started using coconut cream in my coffee instead of regular cream.  
  • Instead of icecream, I make banana whips.  They are my absolute favorite snack!
  • If I am cooking something that calls for chocolate chips, I replace them with carob chips.  If I am having a chocolate craving, having a few carob chips usually satisfies the craving.  
  • I rarely crave salty bulk foods BUT if for some reason I am (I am more of a sweet craver), I whip up some Kale Chips.  They are super easy to make and very healthy.  Zucchini chips are also a good alternative.  
  • I have completely cut out cereal from my morning routine and replaced it with steel cut oats.  My cravings for carbs the rest of the day are not nearly as bad.  

Let me know some little tips below.  I am always trying to make the best choices with food and love to experiment with different healthy alternatives!  

**The picture above is from La Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain.  This inspired me to start making real fruit pops instead of those chemically made super market popsicles that have virtually no calories but tons of other problems.** 


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