The ever changing gym fads


There are so many different workout fads going on right there,  There is the cycle craze (huge fan), yoga, crossfit, barre, to just name a few.  I love trying out all different classes and luckily the gym I belong to offers many.  I wonder though if versatlity of work outs is really effective.  I have been doing a mixture of cycling, yoga and then my own workouts which consist of moderate weight training/cardio for about 6 months.  I have maintained my weight but am not sure if maybe I should be focusing on one type of routine in order to really reap the benefits of them.  I cycle, therefore I have strong legs but not the strongest.  I do yoga, therefore I am modertaly flexible but can’t eve get close to some of those wildly mangled poses some yogis practice.  I am also kind of toned from the weight training but have room for MUCH improvement.   I am always thinking, should I be focusing on one of these workouts for better results?  A lot of times the gym to me is more or less a therapy as well.  I love to go there and clear my mind.  I center in one thought which is to be physically active and my mind doesn’t seem to wonder since I am really focused.  When I get home though I start thinking if what I am doing really is effective (other than the therapeutic aspect).  I would love to hear what you all think and if you struggle with this as well!


The picture above is from a trip my whole family took to Sedona, AZ 2 years ago.  We went on hikes everyday and breathed in the fresh (and hot) desert air!  Such a beautiful place ❤

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2 Responses to The ever changing gym fads

  1. Carry Porter says:

    My friends and I have a theory. People are either dabblers or experts. Dabblers – like you – take great joy in a lot of different things. They do their chosen activities competently, but will never attain expert status. Experts, on the other hand, only do one thing. They miss out on variety, but get really good at their chosen activity. Neither is better or worse. We just need to accept what we are and set our expectations for levels of performance accordingly.

    • casualliving says:

      Carry-that is so true! I am a dabbler and that is a great way to look at it. There absolutely is a great deal of positive for living life this way. Thanks for your response 🙂

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