Creative Lunch Ideas

ImageWell I did it again, completely and utterly overindulged this Thanksgiving.  The good news is we finally finished the left overs from the night and are ready to get focused once again on the right choices to make in the kitchen.  I took time today to prepare and think about what I am going to eat during the day at work so that I don’t reach for the popcorn and holiday sweets.  Lunches can be very boring especially when you work full time and don’t have to time to really cook something up.  I only eat out once a week for lunch to save money so the other days I pack a lunch quickly in the morning or the night before.  Since I don’t like to eat meat before dinner time, a sandwich is not on my list for weekday lunch and salads seem to become very boring day after day.  I like to roast veggies on Sundays so that I can throw them in my lunch for the week.  Some meals that I I like to bring to work when I get sick of salads are quinoa, roasted veggies and walnuts.  I like to mix them all together and heat it up for about one minute.  I also like to bring lentils, guacamole and some roasted veggies.  You can also swap out guacamole for salsa if you are looking for a lower fat option.  If I have enough time on the weekends, I will sometimes make a big pot of vegetable soup or a vegetarian chili.

Do you have any other creative lunch ideas to share?

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