Four ways to be a superb dinner guest and even better host

ImageWe have all been there- Your close friends have invited you over for dinner and they spent all day slaving over the stove and preparing a delicious menu.  Everything smells great and they are so excited to bring out the meal.  The only problem is, you don’t eat ANYTHING they made.  Some parts of the meal you can suck it up, put on a happy face and eat (forget about the stomach ache you will have the rest of the night).  BUT other parts of the meal, forget it, you just won’t eat a rack of lamb.  Has anyone else ever been this very uncomfortable situation?  I know that I have been thrown into this situation time and time again.  I am not a yes person.  I can easily say NO and stand my ground.  A lof of the time though, I feel so bad when it comes to dinner parties and saying no (even if it is politely).  I truly know how It feels to make a beautiful meal and then realize your guest doesn’t eat that type of food.  ON the other side of this, the host feels horrible as well and starts scrambling around the kitchen trying to make something which makes the guest feel ever worse!  How do you prep for this and try to eliminate this from ever happening again?  The truth is, you are bound to run into this problem but luckily there are a few things you can do in advance to bypass this situation all together.


  • When you make your initial plans, let the host know there are some foods you do not eat.  Offer to bring some dishes that you enjoy for the whole dinner party. 


  • Always ask your guests if they have any dieatary ristrictions. 
  • Try to make an assortment of different dishes that are gluten free, dairy free, and/or vegan just in case someone felt embarrassed to say that they prefer to eat a certain way. 
  • Always have a salad or green veggie no matter what! 

I hope this helps you get through the numerous holiday dinners that you are attending or hosting.

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