Ringing in 2014 with a new way of thinking.


Oh the holidays.  When everyday life stops for a few minutes and we can focus on each other.  We can take a few deep breaths and mix up our daily routines.  Families and friends get together to make memories and reminisce of old ones.  We all sit around and eat and drink and eat and drink and eat and drink some more.  I cherish these times, as do most people, but coming out of a routine can be really difficult sometimes.  I am usually so caught up in what I am eating and drinking this time of year that I forget to enjoy myself.  I have made a conscious effort this year to NOT get too caught up on it.  If I eat or drink too much one night, it’s okay.  It isn’t going to change my life.  Tomorrow is always a new day.  I get right back to the gym, start up with my green smoothies and am more conscious of what is going into my body.  In fact, going into the new year I have made a resolution that I am going to really try to stick to.  This isn’t just a resolution it’s a different way of living life.  I am going to make sure that I am more present in everyday.  I am a planner and always thinking of what I need to do/go next.  I am the one in yoga class thinking of what I am cooking for dinner.  This needs to change!  I think this is going to be a very hard resolution to accomplish since it is a way I have been thinking for my whole life but it could drastically change certain aspects of my life.  I tried it the other day- On Christmas Eve, after our family left for brunch my husband and I went to dinner and the movies.  Instead of looking at my watch the whole time (besides for once so we didn’t miss the movie) I just enjoyed myself.  I didn’t look at my watch, I didn’t think about all the cleaning that needs to be done at home or all of the work that we have to catch up on in the office.  I was present and it felt really good. It affects everyones mood around you.  If you are present, they are more present and engaged.  A truly attainable resolution!  Here is to a happy, healthy and successful 2014 filled with love and laughter!

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2 Responses to Ringing in 2014 with a new way of thinking.

  1. Robin Kleiman says:

    This is a great post. Amen. Love u xo

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