Snow Day


Out here in Pennsylvania we have been getting slammed with snow storms.  It seems like every week we have at least one substantial storm that leaves us all stuck inside for a full day with not much to do.  I find that during snow storms I tend to snack and pick at food at day long.  It’s funny, I almost feel like being stuck indoors on a snow day is an excuse to just eat whatever I want.  I know I’m not alone in that either.  Partially, my preparation is very much to blame.  This past storm that we had I really had nothing to snack on so we were stuck making dinners for snacks and it was kind of hard to come back from that.  There are many things to blame on the few extra pounds we all seem to put on in the winter; snow storms that leave us stuck inside the house, cold weather and eating and drinking comfort food, holidays, a decrease in physical activity because who really wants to go outside when it is negative 4 degrees outside.  I tried something new the other day though.  It was VERY icy out and I didn’t feel comfortable driving to the gym so instead of parking myself on the couch for the remainder of the evening, I hopped onto youtube.  I found some really great workout clips, mainly fitsugar clips which are always very fun and motivating.  I also did a cardio warmup around the house.  I created a run (including going up and down steps) for 10 minutes before the strength videos and 10 minutes after as well.  I was completely SHOCKED that I felt very refreshed after.  The next day I was even a little sore from of the new exercises I found online.  I realized that there really should be no excuse for putting on extra weight this time of year,  we all our capable of self control and making ourselves feel and look great.  All it takes is a little determination.  It is easy to get in a rut and form bad habits but it is JUST as easy to create healthy and good habits.  Adding along with my other resolution, I will make sure to keep pushing myself to be the best ME possible.  Staying motivated with fitness goals and constantly reading and researching on the best things to feed your body.

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