Cycle On


Next week, I am going to do a full day at a local spin studio to become certified to teach spin classes.  I have been an avid spin goer for about 5 years now.  When I lived in New York I was obsessed with soul cycle (this is when it wasn’t as popular as it is today).  We have a couple decent spin studios in town but nothing like soul cycle.  I have a few favorite instructors though that make it just as fun.  I started spinning in highschool but got really into it again after college.  I absolutely love spin.  It is such a great calorie burn and the time usually flies by as long as the music is good.  I don’t belive that only doing one form of exercise is good for your body so I usually don’t like to spin more than twice a week.  I mix in yoga and my own strength training other days of the week.  I am really excited to be able to teach classes so that I can bring my own style of spin to studios.  There are a few aspects of spin that I don’t agree with so I won’t be incorporating them into my classes.  I really don’t like isolations on the bikes.  I feel like if you don’t know what you’re doing which is always the case for new members it is very easy to injure yourself.  I also don’t like when the only thing you do is sit in the saddle the whole time.  I like to incorporate jumps into my routine to really get the different muscles in your leg working.  I am also incredibly torn between whether or not I want to do a small arm routine in my classes.  I don’t feel that they are very effective and actually may hurt you if you are doing the exercises wrong.  Even three pound weights can hurt you!  I have pulled a muscle before by doing arm routines on the bike because I am trying to focus on too many things; spinning my legs, posture and keeping up to speed with everyone else in the class.  Arms take focus since you need to have proper form.  I am excited to experiment with all of this and hope that people enjoy my classes!  I am purely teaching for fun.  It is something I love and want to share it with other people.

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