Overcoming winter gloom


Here we go again-up at 7AM, gym at 5PM, dinner at 7PM and repeat.  Ever feel caught in the work/life routine and feel the urge to switch it up sometimes?  This time of year can really have many people feeling like all they do is work, house chores and sleep.  With the short days and long dark nights, it is easy to fall into a funk.  I have been trying to add some fun things to each week to keep from feeling the dreaded winter gloom.  I enjoy mornings where I shower the night before and am able to wake up slow before work to have that extra cup of tea and catch some of the today show.  I also love those spontaneous date nights where we ditch the food we bought for the week in the fridge and grab dinner and a glass of wine somewhere other than the kitchen table.  Checking out a new workout class on the weeknights is also a good way to brighten up your week.  One more thing we are trying to incorporate into the winter are quick weekend getaways.  We have a few planned.  Even though are destinations are also on the east coast and very cold, sometimes a little bit of new scenery is all you need.  In the summer there are so many more options on things to do at night- bike ride outside, walk in the park, baseball games, pretty much anything outside can cheer me up!

What do you do during the winter nights to keep away the winter gloom?

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