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Four ways to be a superb dinner guest and even better host

We have all been there- Your close friends have invited you over for dinner and they spent all day slaving over the stove and preparing a delicious menu.  Everything smells great and they are so excited to bring out the … Continue reading

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Banana Whips

  About 3 years ago I was introduced to the second best healthy alternative (other than cauliflower mashed “potatoes” but more on that at another time), BANANA WHIPS!  They are sweet, satisfying and have the same consistency as soft serve ice … Continue reading

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Creative Lunch Ideas

Well I did it again, completely and utterly overindulged this Thanksgiving.  The good news is we finally finished the left overs from the night and are ready to get focused once again on the right choices to make in the kitchen. … Continue reading

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Soup Weather

The days are shorter and the weather is very chilly in the Northeast.  This time of year, all I want to do is snuggle up under the covers at night with some type of warm beverage or food.  I am … Continue reading

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The Persistent Sweet Tooth

I seem to have a sweet craving everyday lately.  Especially now that it is the holidays and there are sugar cookies, gingerbread cakes, all the delicious Starbucks beverages, pumpkin flavored ice-cream, dark chocolate bark–and the list can keep going!  Are … Continue reading

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Holiday Eating

With the holidays quickly approaching, I am hitting the gym more often and trying to keep it pretty strict with my eating since I know the next few months will be difficult to keep those extra pounds off.  Not only … Continue reading

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The occasional vegan

I give a ton of credit to all of you vegans in this world.  It is NOT easy!  Especially when you have family and friends who are meat and potato lovers.  Personally, I could care less for meat.  I never … Continue reading

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